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1.    Why borrow from StyLust?

There are many reasons! A few are: StyLust empowers you to choose from fabulous designer outfits at a fraction of the actual price.

StyLust ensures that you never have to be seen in the same outfit twice. This way you can flaunt a new look for every occasion without blowing up a fortune and feeling guilty...!

You can also save a whole lot of wardrobe space and also spare yourself the inconvenience of shopping across the city, when you can get a dream outfit at the click of a button.

2.    Are all garments real designer garments?

You bet they are! At StyLust, all products are 100% what they claim to be, just like the labels will tell you. We have great respect for all labels featured, and fakes simply don't make it to our wardrobe! We guarantee authentic goods.

3.    How do I know that StyLust garments are clean and do not look used?

Hygiene is one of our top priorities. Each of our outfits is dry cleaned and ironed at one of the best possible laundry services in the city each time it is hired.

We pride our outfits and discard them as soon as they start looking even slightly worn. Any garment which reaches you will either be brand new or will look like new. Nobody will ever be able to tell it's a rented garment!

4.    How do I select an outfit for a particular date and how long do I get to keep it?

It's simple... On our website, go through our collection of designer outfits which are accessible to you.

Select the desired outfit in your size (specifications are provided for each garment).

Check the availability of the desired outfit on our online calendar for the date you wish to hire it. If it is already booked, you can select a different outfit or book the same outfit for a different date.

Add the desired item(s) to your shopping cart. On checking out, you will automatically be presented with the payment option. Your booking will be confirmed once the payment is realized with us. Our standard rental period is for three days - that is one day before the event till one day after the event. For instance, if a garment is booked for 17th August, it shall be delivered on the 16th of August, and picked up on the 18th of August before 4 pm.

If you wish to rent an outfit for a longer period, there is an extra charge of Rs.500/- per day.

5.    How do I confirm my booking?

To confirm your booking, just follow the simple steps indicated on our website. You can use Debit Card/Credit Card, details of which are provided on the checkout page. A booking is confirmed only once the payment has been realized with us, and you will receive an email and a call confirming your booking.

6.    What happens if I damage the garment by mistake?

We understand that small accidents can sometimes happen unintentionally. We can take care of minor mishaps such as minor removable stains, minor tears at the seam, stuck zippers etc. However, you are liable to pay for any damages over and above this. (Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more details).

7.    Is there a security deposit to be paid each time I book?

As all our pieces are extremely precious, we take a fully refundable security deposit at the time of rental which is three times the rental value, which is returned to you when we receive the garment back. However, in the event of loss or damage beyond normal wear or tear to a garment/accessory, we will either keep the full security amount or deduct a Replacement fee as decided by us. (Please refer to our Terms of Use for more details).

Please note that we reserve the rights to cancel a booking if you do not pay the security deposit at the time of rental. Under such circumstances, the rental amount you may have paid will not be returned to you.

8.    Is there any way I can avoid paying the security deposit?

Paying the security deposit is compulsory. The security deposit would be returned to you without being utilised unless there is any damage which needs to be recovered.

9.    Can I change the date of renting a particular garment once it has been booked in advance? What if I want to cancel?

If you wish to cancel a booking completely, the amount paid by you will not be refunded. If you change your mind about the item you have selected, you can let us know upto 2 days after you make the booking. Any change after that would attract a transfer fee of Rs.1000.

10. For sarees, can I use my own saree blouses and petticoats?

Absolutely - that's the best way to ensure a perfect fit! Customers are encouraged to match the sarees with blouses from their existing collection.

11. Which cities does StyLust offer services to?

Our services are currently available in Chennai only. We intend to reach other parts of South India in the next six months.

12. What if I want to buy an outfit instead of renting it?

Currently we cannot accommodate that request of outright purchase. We shall be introducing a new line of designer dresses for sale. Then it is possible.

Now that you have clarity... happy renting! We're sure you'll have a fabulously memorable experience in our outfits and look forward to your continued patronage!